In Tempus18 there will be an interesting program for each age section. Adults over 18 will have a task either in the camp troop or in other parts of the camp organization. Rovers / rangers and adults have also some program of their own in addition to their task. They can escape the camp life for a while with action, relaxation and food.  

Trackers and explorers have five different program valleys; earth, water, fire, air and forest. There are two valleys for each participant daily. In the earth program participants have a chance to use their wits, try out teamwork and traditional scouting skills. Water valley is the place to experience the sea on one way or another – canoeing, sup-boarding or examining bugs on the beach!  

The fire valley is the hottest place of the camp! There the metal changes shape and food gets cooked with historic and futuristic methods. In the air program everyone gets familiar with aviation and climate change. After this program everyone has a better knowledge on how to affect the climate change on their everyday life. During the forest program participants have a change of experiencing the Finnish forest for 24-hours while hiking. The night will be spent in a very beautiful beach outside of the campsite.  

There is always a lot happening all around the camp even when the program valleys are closed. The theme of the camp can be seen and felt everywhere – in the sub camps and camp troops, cafés and all the facilities. In the middle of the camp there is a hang-around place, where there are always some interesting extra activities. Free-time is also a perfect time to make new friends!  

The whole camp takes also part in joint programs a few times. The joint programs are more than just watching what happens on the stage. The different eras get mixed on and around the stage and hopefully we will manage to fix the rupture in space time – that is up to all the participants!