Scout groups from abroad at Tempus18

Lucky enough Tempus has already received questions and bookings from abroad. Looks like we are going to have an amazing international summer camp. Please take a look at following guidelines as an international group to help you plan your scout camp at Finland, Kokkola.

  • Per each beginning 10 child participants there needs to be one adult
    • Child is less than 18 year-old and adult is over 18 year-old (at the first day of the camp)
    • If there are over 50 scouts from your member organization you need one over 22 year-old per each beginning 50 participants
  • Maximum amount of participants per one member organization is 100
  • Age of the participant must be over 12 years old (during the year 2018)
  • You can also join the camp solo (aged over 18) and make new friends during the camp

Read more at instructions for sign-up