Scouts participating Tempus18 can already start the camp with the pre-camp activities!

The activity pack contains three different sections:

  1. For individuals
  2.  For patrols (smaller groups)
  3. For local scout group or troop (larger groups)

With these sections we want to support and improve individual’s skills to work alone, as a part of a small group and as a part of the local group of scouts.

Individual task: Leather bracelet

This activity is suitable for tracker scouts and older. (+12 yo)

Items needed:

  • leather
  • a utility knife
  • snap fasteners
  • a snap fastener tool

Cut approx. 20 cm long (or circumference of your wrist + 2cm) and 2 cm wide piece from leather. Cut incisions to the peace of leather as shown in the picture. Start braiding the strips from the top while untangling the twists from the bottom. To get rid of all the twists in the end, the number of the loops in the starting end needs to be even and the amount of braids has to be divisible by six. When the bracelet is braided, attach snap fasteners to the both ends. You can use a soldering iron to decorate the bracelet.

Tracker: Make yourself an oil candle

Before flashlights and all kinds of headlamps people had to work in the dark using alternative solutions. A campfire created light to the darkness, but how to get the light without a campfire or candle? Luckily, we scouts and guides are clever and imaginative people. So someone came up with the idea of oil candle to enlighten the darkness. Now it is your turn to make an oil candle.

  You need:

  • washed glass jar and its metal top
  • wick/string
  • knife
  • hammer
  • cooking oil
  • water
  • matches


It’s advisable to do this activity outside. Pour ½ water and ¼ oil to the jar. Wait until the oil has risen on the top of water.

Make a hole to the metal top with a hammer and a knife. The wick should fit barely. Make sure the wick won’t fall through the hole.

Cut the wick to the length it significantly touches the oil when thread through the top.

Dip the wick in oil and thread through the hole. About 1 cm should stay above top. Close the jar with metal top. Lit and burn outside.

Explorers: Legendary moments at the darkest hours

(this game is played in the dark)

With younger scouts this game can be played during daytime.

The Game Leader tells the following story to the participants:

“After sunset a suspicious group of orcs attacked the scout camp in the Forest of Whispers. They were no ordinary orcs. They were smarter and, surprisingly, looked a lot like scouts. The orcs crept to the campsite and stole a lantern, a legendary lantern indeed, which creates light. The orcs have now set a camp near the scout camp and are desperately defending the lantern. In the dark the orcs have an advantage and can catch scouts and guides. Ironically, the orcs have one weakness, fire.”

The witty scouts and guides trying to get their lantern back are armed against orcs with three matches and a matchbox. In darkness the orcs can’t come nearer than five meters from the lantern on the ground or lighten match. Orcs always dodge the match. When a scout or guide gets a hold of the lantern the orcs encourage themselves and can catch the poor scout or guide. Only scouts and guides can carry the lantern and when caught the scout has to leave the lantern to the place where they were caught.

The scout or guide caught without lighten match or carrying the lantern has to always return to their camp. In the camp they can fulfil their matchbox, but only three matches can be carried at the same time. The adventure is over when the scouts and guides get the lantern back to the camp or when the together agreed time is over. ⅔ of the participants are scouts and ⅓ orcs. Teams can be changed after one round is played.

Tips: The lantern can be an ordinary lantern with batteries. Most importantly the light should be visible to as far as possible and from every angle. There should be a lot of matches. If you want to add difficulty you can for example raise the distance or give the matchboxes to pairs instead of everyone.

For groups: Games

Mirror (Peili)

One player goes face towards a wall as “a mirror” and the rest of the players stand behind a line about 3 meters away. Players behind the line try to move carefully forward and to touch the back of the mirror. If the mirror turns and sees a player move, they have to go back behind the line and start over. The first to touch the mirror’s back gets to be the next mirror.

Roof ball (Kattopallo)

One of the players throws a ball to the roof and yells one other player’s name. The player whose name was yelled has to catch the ball while the rest run away. When the player has caught the ball and yells “STOP” the game continues as dodgeball.

A poky place (Sillit suolassa)

One of the players finds a hiding place while the rest close their eyes. The hiding place should be big enough. Others start to seek the player. If found, the player hides in the hiding place likewise. The game continues until everyone has found the missing player. The first person to find the hiding place gets to be the next one to hide.