International participants sign up with a group.

Update 22.2.2018 Sign up is extended and will be open for international participants until the end of March 2018!

  1. Group leader creates a travel group
  2. Add the group leader
  3. Group members sign-up with group code 

Go to webpage: choose English flag from top right  


1 Group leader creates a travel group 

Press Sign up


Fill in boxes 


Press Save and after that copy Group registration link AND Group registration code. You need to give these details to your group members for them to be able to sign-up to your group.

2 Add the group leader 

At the bottom of the page you can find button “add the group leader”.   

After pressing the link, you will be asked to fill in your personal details.  

3 Group members sign-up with the group code  

After giving your own personal details, you can now give out the registration code and website address to other participants.  

All participants must fill in personal details to Kuksa program.  

Good to know

You know you are happily ever after signed up when you receive e-mail from Tempus (may take few hours from submitting your registration).

If you run into an error with the Kuksa system, you get notification in Finnish, unfortunately this can’t be fixed. In case you get an error please check that you have filled in every box.

Camp fee with early bird discount is 165 euro, until 31.1.2018. Sign-up 1.2.-31.3. costs 185 euro. More details in camp-troops-price.

Every group must have adult leader per beginning 10 child. More info in international-participants. There is no minimum amount for a group.

Invoice for the camp will be sent to scout organization, scout organization will invoice participants for the camp.

For foreign participants it is required that you have your own insurance during the camp. All participants must have insurance.

Cancellation policy

After the registration deadline registration to district activities is binding. In case of illness or for a particularly justified reason registration can be cancelled before the event. Please inform your troop leader and the Tempus18 project employee or +358447169304 about possible cancellations or changes of participant names. If a participant cancels their registration after the registration deadline the troop has the right to place another participant instead. Information of a change of participant needs to be informed to Ostrobothnia scouts office project employee at latest 1 month before the event. If there are participants queueing for an open position, the cancelled spot will be offered to the first person in the queue. In case of illness compensation for already paid camp fees can be applied via scout insurance.


See you at the camp! 🙂